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City Modern - Townhomes

Brush Park

The Brush Park townhomes are an exercise in respectful development.

Project Details

  • Location: Brush Park
  • Project Size: 108,403 SQ FT
  • Completion Date: 2020
  • Developer: Bedrock
  • Architects:
  • Studio Dwell Architects

Respectful Development

This neighborhood has a strong sense of history as there are existing historic mansions that remain as reminders of a different era. As a result, it was of utmost importance that these new townhomes be designed to respect the historic importance of the neighborhood while designing in a modern aesthetic. Thoughtful decision-making drove not only the size and location of these buildings, but materials and experiences were specifically curated to both complement and modernize the neighborhood. The first floor is raised above ground level to match the existing historic porches, while planters and landscaping are also elevated to bring nature closer to the living space. Large expanses of glass are used to bring in light and city views. Simple brick was selected in colors that tie into the palette of the existing historic buildings. Lastly, the scale of the townhomes was kept in harmony with surrounding buildings so as not to overwhelm the streetscape.