Detroit Design 139

Academic Work

D TowNer

Urban Icon for the Old Redford Neighborhood

D-Tow(n)er is a mixed use housing project in Old Redford that addresses density in Detroit and explores the cohabitation of public and residential space through a vertical housing landmark.

Project Details

  • Location: Grand River & Greydale
  • Project Size: 168,560 SQ FT
  • Authors:
  • Theresa Chua
  • Saumon Oboudiyat
  • Run Yu
  • Instructors:
  • Lars Graebner
  • Christina Hansen
  • Term: Fall 2016

Creating a Space for Cohabitation

The proposed vertical neighborhood strives to create a landmark which could represent the history of Detroit while also redefining and inspiring Detroit’s future design legacy Each unit is granted a private balcony with a view towards downtown Detroit. Unlike front yards and backyards, balconies provide a reasonable amount of privacy, and provide a wider view. There are eight unit types to encourage a wide variety of residents. In addition to retail space, residents have access to various nodes of serenity and activity within the building, such as a half-court basketball court, reading rooms, and a rooftop green space.