Detroit Design 139

Academic Work


Holistic, Flexible Living for All Generations

Flexflats is a new model for multigenerational housing based on fostering a healthy community through flexible units, civic interaction, and defining value through sweat equity.

Project Details

  • Location: Grand River & Lahser
  • Project Size: 91,900 SQ FT
  • Authors:
  • Siobahn Klinkenberg
  • Patrick Linder
  • Liz Szatko
  • Tyler Whitney
  • Instructors:
  • Sean Vance
  • Kim Dowdell
  • Term: Fall 2016

Vibrancy is Key

The project advocates healthy living community development through vibrant social networks, nutrition education and community chosen physical activities. Through a holistic approach of Fit Coins, InterAction, ProgramSpaces, and CustomModules, the project encourages and rewards health and healthy civic investment within the community. FitCoins are a digital currency used to encourage civility and neighborliness, similar to a “perk currency” seen in freemium apps. It is earned through community interaction. Interaction platforms are created to facilitate chance meetings between current residents, aging seniors, fledgling families, and mixed households. Custom modules define the individual approach of unit construction based on a kit of parts allowing for on-site assembly and staged construction through the design+fabrication center.