Detroit Design 139

Academic Work

Prescriptive Pantina

Expressing Time Through Living Working & Playing

A passage of time told through materials.

Project Details

  • Location: Orleans & Division
  • Project Size: 140,000 SQ FT
  • Authors:
  • Andrew Barkhouse
  • Nicholas Warnet
  • Jonathan Watkins
  • Instructors:
  • Craig Bornum
  • Claudia Wigger
  • Term: Fall 2016

Telling the Passage of Time

The project illustrates the 78.74 year life expectancy in the US, the passage of time through the controlled erosion of soil, the aging of building materials, and our natural tendency to collect objects. The material palette of earth, concrete, steel and brick reflects the desire to show aging at different intervals, both through environmental degregation and human wear and tear.